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The AjA Project exists to provide a platform for historically underrepresented youth and communities to utilize the power of creative self expression. We strive to do this through a process of participatory photography that asks participants to reflect on and (critically) analyze their personal and social landscapes.

Our programming and pedagogy functions in such a way that not only allows individuals to explore photography but also to contribute to the changing dominant narratives surrounding their realities.


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Media Arts Center San Diego (MACSD) evolved out of the San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF), which originated in 1993. Incorporated in 1999, MACSD has grown from a festival to a mid-size organization with diverse statewide programs and services for residents, visitors, and independent and amateur filmmakers. In 2012, MACSD moved into a new space in North Park. Renovating a derelict building, now known as the Digital Gym, has brought vitality and inspired new businesses to open in this once-blighted area. The Digital Gym allowed MACSD to expand core programming to better serve the community.

MACSD features a movie theater, a storefront community technology center, and the presenter of the globally-acclaimed annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (now in its 25th year). MACSD serves all ages through instructional programs and services, with a focus on underrepresented voices and communities. MACSD programs, events, and film festivals are diverse and inclusionary.

MACSD has been teaching media arts classes and workshops to youth for 17+ years–both in and outside the classroom—and has been serving the people of marginalized communities by using media as a tool for social change and artistic expression. Our decades of experience conducting youth media classes and workshops allow us to continue to refine our delivery to meet the needs of the populations we serve and provides the context for the development of the Youth Media Workshops.


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The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association is an association of local businesses committed to improving the physical and economic conditions along the El Cajon Boulevard corridor and its surrounding neighborhoods in Mid-City San Diego.


  1. To understand and advocate for the small business needs of the membership

  2. To ensure the Boulevard’s future as a safe and pleasant place to live, work, and do business

  3. To continue bringing public improvement activity onto and adjacent to the Boulevard

  4. To promote reasonable infill development along the Boulevard including a business mix complementary to its neighborhood and regional consumer base.


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The Little Saigon Stories is a community arts program facilitated by Media Arts Center San Diego, the AjA Project.